House of Representatives moves To suspend ban on importation of vehicles

By Kauthar Anumba-Khaleel and Adebiyi Adebayo

Concerned over the effect of the recent announcement of the ban on importation of vehicles through land borders on Nigerians, the House of Representatives yesterday, called for the suspension of the ban.

This resolution emanated from a motion on the need to suspend the policy moved by Hon. A. B. Salame who noted that the percentage of Nigerians who can afford cars has declined drastically following the decline in the value of naira, inflation, unemployment and high cost of living that has bedeviled Nigeria where over 80 percent of the population live below $2 a day.

Salame argued that the ban rather than address anything, will further plunge Nigerians into untold hardship especially in the face of the current economic recession as many lose their means of livelihood while it will give rise to insecurity.


He said: “This ban will make people suffer and Nigerians will lose their jobs.  Drivers, car dealers, security men. So many people will become unemployed. It will also sabotage the responsibilities of government in tackling insecurity because; some who are not comfortable with this policy will resort to smuggling. There will be a lot of killing because smugglers will do everything they can to ensure that they bring in their products.

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