Lagos State Police Command Arrest Two Women For Allegedly Abusing A Nine-Year-Old Girl

Two women, Amadi and Mama Esther have been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command for allegedly abusing a nine-year-old girl, Joy Esemonu, in the FESTAC Town area of the state.

PUNCH gathered that Amadi allegedly poured chemical on Esemonu, which made her sustain injuries in different parts of her body.

Esemonu was subsequently led everyday by the suspect to a pedestrian bridge in the FESTAC area where she was made to beg for alms from passersby.

At the end of every begging trip, the two women reportedly shared the money collected.

However, a Good Samaritan, who observed the victim’s condition on the bridge, reportedly alerted policemen from the FESTAC division, leading to the arrest of the two women.

The matter was subsequently referred to the Office of the Public Defender, which transferred the victim to the National Agency for the Prohibition of Traffic in Persons and other related matters.

A social worker who was privy to the case told our correspondent that Mama Esther was a relation of the victim and had lured her from their village in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

He said, “The girl lived in Port Harcourt with her parents. But last year, her mother handed her over to Mama Esther after the latter promised to support the family by taking the girl to Lagos. She said the girl would continue her education when they get to Lagos.

“However, when she brought her to Lagos, she decided to hand her over to Amadi, who she owed some money. The woman then decided to use her for begging.

“The girl said she noticed that Amadi would make her sleep before pouring a substance suspected to be chemical on her body. By the time she woke up and scratched the spots after feeling some pains, they would become sore. The woman would then bandaged the place and take her out for begging.

“She said whenever the injuries heal, she would make her sleep again and pour the chemical on her. The woman started with her bottoms and then her laps. She said such had happened about four different times.”

Another source said Mama Esther, in her confession, claimed that she always collected between N2,500 to N3,000 as her share every day.

The source said the money the women were making off the victim kept them in the fraudulent business.

Wonders will never end, this is a very disturbing story, and how can someone commit such an atrocity. Parents should stop handing over their children to other persons all in the name of help. This is a wicked act, because of money you make a child through pain. Where is the sanity in Nigerians, we all know that the economy is down and everyone is looking for a means to survive but that should not be at the expense of a fellow human. We need to be more conscious about people who indulge in such schemes and report them to the appropriate authorities.

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